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PGDip Counselling and Psychotherapy


Are you are looking for a counsellor because you’re not feeling your usual self , don’t know why,  and are struggling to cope with your everyday life?  Do you feel the need to find the underlying cause of your issues or need some help managing your behaviour? Then I’m sure I can help.

I’m a very experienced, qualified, insured and BACP registered counsellor/psychotherapist. I have been working  for many years in  a number of different settings , including private practice , NHS Primary Care, women's domestic violence support , and counselling young people and students.

 I am a down to earth northern lass which hopefully means that my clients find it easy to trust me and talk honestly even at the beginning or our work together (see below) .

I am a very compassionate and non-judgemental counsellor and committed to helping my clients feel more valued and accepted , but I am equally challenging when needed.

I offer affordable counselling in the heart of Manchester as well as  Westhoughton (near Bolton),  and/or on-line,  and can tailor different types of  therapy to match your individual needs. 

Typically the changes you want to make could be achieved in 6-8 weeks at a time and day that suits you. Why not book a free telephone or face to face consultation to see if we can work together?

What my clients say about me


"I came to Caroline in probably my lowest time in my life.  I have been struggling all my life with Childhood Trauma but then something happened earlier this year that triggered something with in me.  I was having night terrors and flashbacks, doctors informed me it was PTSD.  I wanted to learn mindfulness and seek a therapist before going down the pharmaceutical route.   I decided to go with Caroline,  this was the best decision I have made.  Caroline was great and very understanding and showed me mindfulness techniques that's stopped my dreams and flashbacks with in 6 months.  She genuinely seemed like she cared and helped me find peace for the first time since I can remember.  She even offered to be on the other end of the phone if needed on her honeymoon!!! Amazing therapist who is doing this for the right reasons. Would highly recommend." September 2018

"I approached Caroline when I was feeling overwhelmed with life. I had started trying to practice mindfulness but felt like this was yet another thing I was failing at. Caroline listened with empathy to my struggles, suggested some more manageable mindfulness techniques , and helped me to have more self-compassion and recognise the progress I was making. I now feel more optimistic for the future and accepting of the past" April 2018


"I'm very grateful for all your help. I'm sure I wouldn't be where I am now without having discussed all we did. It really made me understand what my issues were and how they made me feel. You were extremely understanding and I loved your analogies"  April 2017

"Thanks you so provided strong support to help me move from being stuck in an emotional place for 6 years. I feel like an unblocked drain!. I can honestly say I was afraid of confronting all of that mess and you helped me overcome those fears. You provided a compassionate yet appropriately challenging counselling service and my broken relationships have not only started to mend but flourish." September 2016

Location : 49 Piccadilly Manchester M1 

 Westhougthon BL5

From £50 per session Manchester and from £40 (Westhoughton) 

Ashdale Counselling

0779 397 3807

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